RELSEN is a unique, cost-effective and covert solution providing reliable critical site infrastructure, border control, perimeter security, tunnel detection, gas and oil pipelines

The system allows identifying, classifying and locating border crossings throughout a controlled area.RELSEN is an event-driven system, it transmits information about the event including its location and classification when perimeter is approached by an object or any work begins near the protected object. The location accuracy is 1 to 10 meters.

The optical fiber is deployed in the close proximity to the monitoring object (e.g. a border or railway) in a depth of 50 - 100 cm. The semiconductor laser is pumped into an optical fiber and infrared energy at a wavelength of 1550 nm using pulses duration of 10 ns is sent through the fiber. Targeted information about seismic acoustic events occurring near the monitored site is transmitted back to a Monitoring Center

The Monitoring Center (MC) is the intellectual center of the system.

The MC receives metadata from the OXY sensors, sends alerts to the system operator and provides location data to the appropriate CCTV cameras. Given CCTV cameras will immediately be focused on the targeted event location point and the alert-picture will be displayed on the Monitoring Center operator workstation accompanied with information form OXY-sensor subsystem (type of targeted event, detection time, etc)

Deployment Possibilities

Border, Perimeter & Site Security Detect, classify and localize the targeted activities (pedestrians, car moving’s, digging attempts etc.) all over the border of the controlled perimeter
Monitoring & Protection of Pipelines Asset conditions monitoring (PIG tracking, leakage detection, monitoring of operating equipment conditions, identify valve opening and closing with usage the change of pressure waves, control of working of the existing valve sites, as well as identify the new hot tap events)
Railway asset monitoring & identification of objects on track Recognition of the asset type (cargo train, hunting train, passenger etc.), Estimation of the moving assets parameters (velocity, direction, mass), Digging attempts near the rail tracks