• CSSPL moves its offices, to new premises at New Delhi and Bangalore
  • Our Network Security & Access Monitoring Solutions will give best In Class Network Data Monitoring Solutions.


Low Noise Amplifier/Power Amplifier(LNA/PA):

CSSPL has indigenously developed Low Noise Amplifier [VHF/UHF/S-Band], Power Amplifiers [up to 4W], Power Divider /Combiner, SP2T, SP4T-RF-Switch...



CSSPL is happy to offer Broad Band Wireless Terminals (BBWT), Solar Powered BBWT and Long Range Broad Band Wireless Terminals manufactured by us with Technology Transfer from C-Dot.


BBWT provides an effective solution for extending IP connectivity where fixed line access is limited, or Ethernet cabling is not possible. It is ideal for organizations, Educational campuses, warehouses, hotels and other enterprises needing to extend managed wireless LAN’s (WLANs) outdoors where cabling is not possible. It can be configured in minutes through a WLAN controller. 

BBWT has a centrally managed 802.11a/b/g/n smart Wi-Fi access point (AP) with advanced capabilities, such as an integrated patch antenna designed for harsh outdoor conditions. It is perfect to easily and affordably extend branded broadband services by creating Public WiFi hotspots, for residential communities, Remote video surveillance and site monitoring through IP cameras, and is an effective solution for extending IP connectivity   to remote and rural  areas through  wireless network. 




Combines benefits of three technologies into one, ie., long reach of optical fiber to take the high speed signal feed to 60 KMs, spectrum sensing Wi-Fi solution to take the signal  reliably beyond a great distance further and Mesh technology which enables the signal to reach beyond Line of Sight as well as provides redundancy ensuring reliable operations even in case of break of some links.




Is an ideal solution for the situation where frequent power cuts is an ailing problem or extending power through cable is difficult, this provides a cost effective green power solution and ideally suited for backhaul link for Wi-Fi hot spots, cellular base station and base station controllers, ATMs Banks etc., and creating hot spots in/around rural school’s /panchayat’s.



  • Hotspot
  • Indoor and outdoor access point
  • Point to point and multipoint application
  • Rural and remote area network
  • Backhaul link for WiFi hotsots, ATM’s etc
  • Mobile data offloading
  • Metropolitan network
  • Video telephony (Fixed & Mobile)
  • Video Streaming
  • Sensor Networks
  • Meteorological applications
  • Disaster Management networks
  • Remote Video surveillance &  monitoring
  • IP connectivity to rural and remote areas