AE8400-100/50/25/12 SIGINT Disk Recorder (100 MHz)

AE8400-100/50/25/12 SIGINT Disk Recorder (100 MHz) Image

Avalon's new AE8400 rugged SIGINT Disk Recorders offer multichannel IF and/or baseband (video) SIGINT recording/playback at bandwidths of up to 100 MHz. Standard IF centre frequencies of 160, 140 and 70 MHz are supported. High capacity, hot-swappable disk crates offer long recording durations and re-arm times of less than 60 seconds while a comprehensive suite of software tools and facilities (Avalon Recorder Utility) support convenient data location, forwarding and archiving. An optional Disk Crate Reader is available for rapid transfer of recorded data to LTO-3 tape cassettes, networks, RAIDs or other portable media.

  • Up to four channels of IF and/or baseband record/ replay 
  • Standard IFs: 160, 140, 70 MHz (user-selectable) 80 or 100 MHz total recording bandwidth (see table) 
  • ±2dB frequency response 
  • >50 dB SFDR with real-world data 
  • Analog replay at baseband or IF 
  • Optimised (internal) anti-alias filtering 
  • Audio & IRIG-B channels
  • Hot-swappable disk crates