Interface to Gigabit Ethernet

Interface to Gigabit Ethernet Image

The Development of MIL-STD-1553 has progressed continuously since its introduction in the 70`s to become the most used and best known standard for military electronics and computers systems in use today. However, in recent times it has become generally acknowledged that the 1 Mb/s data rate is often too slow to support the needs of many modern avionics system requirements, but the alternative of changing data buses is also difficult due to the need to communicate with the vast range of existing equipment using MIL-STD-1553.

  • 1 Dual Redundant Mil.Std.1553 Bus Channel
  • Bus Controller, Remote Terminal or Monitor Operation
  • Periodic Message Scheduling
  • Aperiodic Messages
  • Full Status Monitoring of Transmit and Receive Events
  • Time-stamping and Timer Synchronisation
  • 3U Eurocard Version with VME I/O connector for I/O and power input (Part Ref. EC)
  • Stand-alone Module Version with rear D sub miniature connector for External Power Supply (Part Ref. EP)