Serial FPDP Recorders

Serial FPDP Recorders Image

Avalon Serial FPDP Recorder provides users looking to record and playback multiple Serial FPDP streams a complete turnkey recording system, which is fully compatible with the VITA 17.1 specification. Up to 4 Serial FPDP, user configurable channels can be recorded or played simultaneously, with an aggregated recording rate of up to 1600MB/sec. Data is recorded on built-in, removable, enterprise-class SSD storage with available options on RAID size. A standard QSPF socket is provided for connection to the 4 serial lanes

  • Turn-key recording/playback solutions
  • Can handle multiple sFPDP streams
  • Aggregated recording rate of up to 1600MB/sec.
  • Removable, Enterprise-Class SSD storage