NIFIC Appliance

NIFIC Appliance Image

Network operators, Internet service providers, network security teams as well as intelligence agencies often face a problem of extracting the data of interest from the network as they need to find them, capture them and perform detailed analysis on top of them.

The answer for the problem is NIFIC. NIFIC is a result of applied academic research that brings innovative technologies into the domain of computer network monitoring. NIFIC is built using FPGA programmable hardware technology which is used to perform critical, time consuming operations down in the network interface card hardware. The critical operations are classification and filtration of the packets according to L2, L3 and L4 packet header fields. Besides the classification and filtration, it is also possible to forward packets to physical interfaces or crop their size and send them for further processing in software. Important benefit of the NIFIC is an eminent data reduction right in the FPGA processing element on the network interface card and thus the ability to perform detailed analysis of the traffic of interest on a commodity computer hardware.