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Our solutions make networks more efficient, enable service differentiation, rationalize disparate data sources, and increase profit margins. Active Network Intelligence is powering the next wave of network transformation, including cloud, encryption, and internet phenomena. Use case modules provide visibility to optimize networks, monetize services, mitigate fraud and comply with regulations. Our Solution provides the industry’s best real-time, contextual data for broadband networks. Requires intelligence-based understanding of network, service, application, and User data to manage growing complexity. Our Service Innovation and Intelligence maximizes 5G and smart ecosystem opportunities for customers.



  • Analytics: QoE-centric network intelligence
    • Network Performance Monitoring & analysis
    • Subscriber Service Analysis
    • Capacity Planning
    • Video QoE Analysis
    • VoIP and VoLTE QoE Analysis
    • Gamin QoE ANALYSIS
    • Cyber Threat Analysis
    • Automated Network Diagnostics
    • 5G Adoption Analysis
    • 5G Device /IoT Analysis


  • Network Optimization: Run profitable, high QoE networks
    • Fair Usage and Congestion Management
    • Video Streaming Management
    • TCP Optimization
    • Intent-Based Congestion Management


  • Revenue Generation: Grow revenue by rapidly deploying innovative services
    • Usage-Based Services
    • Zero-Rating and Application-Based Plans


  • Revenue Assurance: Identify revenue loss from fraud, piracy, and misconfigurations
    • Parental Control
    • Video and Television Fraud Management
    • Data Fraud Management
    • Interconnect Bypass Fraud


  • Regulatory Compliance: Comply with changing regulations with the most efficient network-based solutions
    • Regulatory Traffic Management
    • Regulatory Data Retention


  • Automation: Automate with intent (Automation-based use cases drive decisions and actions in a closed-loop cycle, and deliver operational savings and improved network efficiency to solve current and future network problems.)
    • QoS and Policy Provisioning
    • Network and Slice Performance Analysis
    • Network Function Selection
    • Customize Mobility Management
    • UE Driven Analysis
    • IoT Performance and Security Analysis


  • Phenomena: End-to-end application clarity and network control for OTT 2.0 (Combines unparalleled application visibility with contextual awareness to deliver complete and comprehensive solutions in key Phenomena areas: Video, Gaming, and Social Sharing.)


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