Director - NPB & Monitoring Access Switch

Director - NPB & Monitoring Access Switch Image

Net Optics Director is an advanced Network Packet Broker (NPB) and monitoring access switch that directs and load balances traffic by customizable filters to specific security, monitoring and management tools across the network. Directing specific types of traffic to specific monitoring tools increases the performance of these tools and allows you to fully utilize the investment in your tools across the network.

Traffic is filtered by Director’s smart filtering engine TapFlow™, based on a variety of parameters such as protocol type, VLAN and address or port, payload content and other packet header information, as well as additional packet manipulation tasks such as VLAN stripping and tagging that help customers deploy tools across the network. Director offers aggregation and regeneration of network traffic leveraging its modular design of 10 SFP ports, up to 4 XFP ports and two modular Director Network Modules, providing 10 daisy-chained units with up to to 380 usable ports. Additional features include filter-based load balancing, ease of management with CLI, Web UI and SNMP management interfaces, central management by Indigo Pro, media type modularity and resilient connections with maximum uptime.