Gig Zero Delay Tap

Gig Zero Delay Tap Image

Gig Zero Delay™ Tap is the industry’s only 10/100/1000BaseT Tap with true zero-delay operation to prevent network disruptions for maximum network reliability. During a power outage, unique circuitry preserves the state of each network port ensuring the network link remains fully functional with zero packet loss; only monitor traffic becomes unavailable.

With the Gig Zero Delay Tap, power glitches and failures no longer mean dropped packets and lengthy renegotiation sequences. The network operates more smoothly and critical business applications remain responsive with the Gig Zero Delay Tap in as part of a monitoring infrastructure.

Zero Delay - A Net Optics Breakthrough

Placing the Gig Zero Delay Tap in highly sensitive network locations can improve monitoring performance via the innovative features of Net Optics Taps. If power is lost to other 10/100/1000 Taps, the connected devices can introduce delays as they detect the power loss and try to re-establish their link.