GSM 6400

GSM 6400 Image

The GSM 6400 controls sensors for up-to 50 security zones and covers up-to 50,000 IPs. The operational areas are large enterprise IT.


  • Turn-key solution: operational within 10 minutes

  • Powerful appliance operating system Greenbone OS with command line administration based on a comprehensive security design

  • Integrates the Greenbone Security Feed with over 30,000 Network Vulnerability Tests, automatically updated daily with the newest threat detection routines

  • Integrated Backup, Restore, Snapshot and Update

  • Integrates Greenbone Security Assistant as central web interface

  • No limitation on number of target IPs (effective number depends on scan pattern and scanned systems)

  • Flat-rate subscription includes exchange of defect hardware, the Greenbone Security Feed, feature updates and support