iLink Agg xStream

iLink Agg xStream Image

Key Network Flow Map Capability:  Link Aggregation for Optimizing Network Monitoring Tools

The need to monitor expanding volumes of 10 Gbps traffic is straining CAPEX budgets due to the high cost of 10G monitoring tools. The iLink Agg xStream helps you leverage your monitoring tool investments by:

  • Enabling existing 1G tools to be used with 10G traffic

  • Providing the ability to take advantage of the full bandwidth of 10G tools

  • Supplying higher port density than any other 1U form factor link aggregator

The iLink Agg xStream is a high-performance link aggregator that combines traffic from many network links or Span ports and sends it to monitoring tools. Each of its 24 SFP+ ports accepts both 10G SFP+ and 1G-SFP transceivers, enabling 10G and 1G links, Span ports, and monitoring appliances to interconnect in any mix of speeds, including different fiber and copper media types. This capability protects your investment, because the iLink Agg xStream enables you to apply your existing arsenal of 1G monitoring tools to your new 10G traffic links. You can aggregate the traffic from multiple 1G links and low-utilization 10G links to fill up the bandwidth of expensive 10G tools.