iTap 2 Port Aggregator

iTap 2 Port Aggregator Image

Net Optics iTap 2 Port Aggregator is an intelligent tapping appliance that provides full duplex traffic streams to monitoring tools. The iTap 2 Port Aggregator can monitor two SPAN ports or one inline link and provides up to two tools with full duplex traffic. The iTap 2 Port Aggregator augments network-monitoring capability through the use of an easy to use Web UI, detailed counter statistics, SNMP traps, and field upgradable software.

Aggregation and Tap Mode

The Port Aggregator combines and regenerates both directions of a full-duplex link, sending all aggregated traffic out to two separate monitoring ports. Typically, full-duplex monitoring with a network tap requires two Network Interface Cards (NICs) with one interface for each side of the full-duplex link. The use of a Net Optics Port Aggregator enables one or two devices to simultaneously monitor both sides of a full-duplex link. When traffic levels exceed the capacity of the receiving NIC, the Port Aggregator stores the overflow traffic into the buffer memory. The buffers clear automatically when the traffic volume falls below the receiving capacity of NIC