Ix ANVL Image

Ixia's IxANVL (Automated Network Validation Library) is the industry standard for automated network/protocol validation. Developers and manufacturers of networking equipment and Internet devices rely on IxANVL to validate protocol compliance and interoperability. Many customers have chosen IxANVL for its ease-of-use, enhanced GUI, and flexible test automation capabilities. In addition, IxANVL offers a veritable universe of protocol libraries and utilities.

Though IxANVL is able to run on minimal hardware such as a PC with a Linux or Windows operating system and an Ethernet card, it is also well suited for operation on Ixia's powerful test and analysis platform via a VNIC (Virtual Network Interface Card) driver. This flexibility enables IxANVL to support all industry-standard test interfaces including 10/100/1G/10G Ethernet, ATM, serial, async, T1/E1, and POS. IxANVL provides conformance, negative, and regression testing on a vast selection of protocols including bridging, routing, PPP, TCP/IP, L4-7, IPv6, IP storage, IPsec, RMON, VPN, MPLS, voice over IP, Carrier Ethernet, and multicast.