Ixia Anue Network Emulators - Network Impairment Test

Ixia Anue Network Emulators - Network Impairment Test Image

Ixia Anue Network Emulators precisely emulate real-world network impairment conditions– in the lab– for the test and validation of your network-based products, applications and services prior to deployment. With an industry unique field-programmable gate array (FPGA) based platform, Ixia Anue Network Emulators deliver the most realistic and repeatable test results possible.

Ixia Anue Network Emulators are essential for characterizing and validating the real-world performance and end-user quality of experience (QoE) you expect from your networked applications, disaster recovery, data center migration and multimedia service solutions.


  • Discover true performance during development vs. deployment
  • Avoid costly deployment failures
  • Increase user satisfaction and adoption when deploying new services
  • Test using industry standard network models
  • Troubleshoot field performance problems by recreating your precise network in the lab