Ixia Packet Capture Module (PCM)

Ixia Packet Capture Module (PCM) Image

The Ixia Packet Capture Module (PCM) provides built-in, single-UI packet capture and Wireshark decode monitoring capability to enable quick troubleshooting of performance, security, and availability problems. The combined packet capture and packet decoding capability results in an extremely fast mean time to resolution (MTTR).

The Packet Capture Module allows IT engineers the ability to capture the packets associated with a network anomaly and/or problem, and then quickly analyze the packets to come up with a fast solution. This is accomplished using an up to 14GB sampling window at up to 40GE Line rates.Not only can the target packets be captured, but a circular buffer window automatically retains packets preceding the trigger point (i.e., captures what’s still in the buffer) and then the desired packets after that point. This pre-event information is often a life saver in reducing the time to diagnosis. The capture files can then be stored on the chassis, saved to the user’s PC, or saved to an external location using SCP or FTP.Using the built-in decoder, the user can quickly see and understand network problems and events without ever leaving the Ixia user interface.