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Cloud computing is creating a new paradigm of user experience with the online applications users employ. Users expect immediate access to a wide range of media-rich applications and services, instantly, from any location. Virtualization makes more efficient and flexible use of data center resources, but in doing so, it also increases the workload and complexity of server architecture and network infrastructure, and puts new and significant demands on both resources. Integrating virtualization within a host and across the servers within a data center is key to creating a functional and adaptable cloud network, and requires careful planning and thorough testing to ensure functionality, performance, security, and reliability of applications and devices.

Integrating NFV within a network is key to increasing competitiveness in a very dynamic market, where service providers are constantly trying to satisfy their customers’ needs. Just like in the case of server virtualization, a successful NFV deployment requires thorough testing and end-to-end network validation to deliver on the touted advantages.