Lawful Interception Probe

Lawful Interception Probe Image

The interception probe is an essential element of the LI System. It's task is to perform input traffic processing. That means to capture traffic of interest based on specified targets. The traffic is then sent by the probe for further processing to the mediation center.

  • Full-duplex 1 - 100Gbps line monitoring
  • Data export over dedicated 1Gbps interface
  • Support for L2 protocols (MPLS, VLAN, QinQ)
  • Standard rack-mountable form factor

Probes are available in a wide range of physical models differing in performance, count and type of monitored ports. Performance-wise, probes are divided into standard and hardware accelerated models that guarantee the processing of all packets at wire-speed (under any conditions). There are also virtual models available. Detailed properties and parameters (including performance) of individual models of probes are listed in their specification.