TTS High Precision Time Service Software

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Today the Network Time Protocol (NTP) is widely used around the world, to synchronize the computers and provide a very precise time reference. NTP protocol supports an accuracy of time down to nanoseconds but the real accuracy which can be achieved depends on the operating system and the network performance.

NTP relies on a reference clock to define the most accurate time and synchronizes all clocks on a network to that of the reference clock. NTP uses Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) as the universal standard for current time. UTC is independent of time zones and enables NTP to be used anywhere in the world regardless of the time zone settings.

An NTP time server is used to obtain the correct time from a time source and adjust the local time in each participating computer. The time source used by the time server is very important as this forms the basis of time updates across the whole network. Recent studies show that the use of Internet time servers is not recommended for industrial or commercial applications: there are high numbers of bad clocks, unbalanced nature of the network load, security reasons