0-40 GHz Wideband Front-End Module

0-40 GHz Wideband Front-End Module Image

The new 0-40GHz front-end module is designed to accept a microwave input in user-selectable bands of:

  • 0-6GHz
  • 6-18GHz
  • 18-26.5GHz
  • 26.5GHz-40GHz

The external reference signal required by the module (1GHz) may be supplied by one of our reference clock modules, in which case the reference may be shared synchronously among multiple front-end modules to create a system suitable for coherent DF operations, ToA analysis, etc.

These modules are designed for a wide range of ‘platform’ applications including, laboratory, mobile, field-portable, surface ships, submarines, and jet/turboprop ‘passenger’ aircraft.

  • Up to 40GHz maximum input frequency
  • Bandwidth: 100MHz as standard, higher options available.
  • Multiple modules may be utilised to create a coherent array for DF, ToA etc.
  • Main IF output: up to 1GHz
  • Secondary IF outputs, optional
  • SWaP-C optimised.
  • Rugged VPX or ATR enclosures for portable systems

for more technical details about this product, please contact to us at comint@comintindia.com