A-Series (ATM traffic)

A-Series (ATM traffic) Image

ATM transport networks and their inherent quality of service play an important role in today’s multi-service networks. As networks continue to converge and traffic migrates from cell to packet, the monitoring of ATM backbones used in conjunction with IP and TDM infrastructure presents a unique set of challenges. Features like circuit emulation and Inverse Multiplexing over ATM (IMA) make monitoring expensive and, in some cases, impossible since ATM support is often not available in next generation monitoring solutions. OptiCop Converger’s ability to terminate and convert ATM cell traffic provides a means to extract traffic of interest and leverage existing investments in test and monitoring tools.

The A-Series OptiCop Converger systems can be configured to meet the most demanding applications, with the ability to monitor SONET/SDH and PDH ATM circuits ranging from T1/E1 to OC3/STM-1 through OC12/STM-4. Inverse multiplexing is also supported on either 256 discrete T1/E1 interfaces or on up to 512 T1/E1 circuits embedded within SONET/SDH pipes. With up to 24 SONET/SDH network/tool interfaces, the A-Series OptiCop Converger can monitor multiple broadband circuits in either half or full duplex scenarios and will operate in conjunction with Automatic Protection Switching, ensuring monitoring applications always have the access they need.