Cabinet Monitoring

Cabinet Monitoring Image
  • High-security solution for critical links.
  • Cost-effective solution for large-scale fiber optic networks.
  • Robust sensor technology.
  • Security monitoring in telecom networks.
  • Monitor status of street cabinets and utility holes.
  • Monitoring of critical network infrastructure.
  • Data integration into network management platforms.






  • Utility hole or cabinet sensors based on FBG technology.
  • 100% passive fiber optic sensors without batteries.
  • Flexible mounting in cabinets and shafts of different manufacturers.
  • IP68 proven.
  • Immune to EMI interferences.
  • Individual custom options.

Interrogation units

  • Portable 4 and 8 channel units can be integrated into cabinets.
  • 19” rack-mounted devices can be used in operation centers.
  • The universal platform includes sensors for different parameters.
  • Remote device management via network management platform.


  • Warnings and alarms via SMS, e-mail, etc.
  • Simple visualization on integrated maps feature.
  • Direct integration into network management/IoT platforms.


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