Fiber in metal tube (FIMT)

Fiber in metal tube (FIMT) Image

Fiber in metal tube (FIMT) Cables

Cable layers:

  • layers options:Stainless steel tubes can be combined with additional layers like metal layers, stranding wire, polymer, aluminium)
  • Metal options:stainless steel grades (ASTM/AISI/ANSI: 304/304L/316L/316Ti), Nickel Alloy Grades (Alloy 825/625/Invar 36)

Filling Compound:Filling compounds for Fiber in Metal Tubes are used to protect the fibers from moisture and mechanical stress.

  • Wide temperature range: – 60° up to + 200 °C
  • High, medium or without hydrogen scavenging properties
  • Short-term exposure up to + 300 °C
  • Full synthetic thixotropic compound
  • Non-toxic

Optical Fiber Types Options:

  • standard Fiber types: G.652.D, G.657.A1, G.657.A2, G.655, …..;
  • Speciality Fiber Types: Copper Coated Fibers, Aluminum Coated Fibers, Gold Coated Fibers, Buffered Fibers, Polyimide Coated Fibers, etc
  • Different colours are available.

FIMT Capabilities

  • Diameter: 1.1-7.0mm (0.043-0.275 in.)
  • Wall Thickness: 0.125 - 0.300 mm (0.005 - 0.012 in)
  • Max Length: 25.000 Meters (82.000 Feet)
  • Wire Elements: Ø 0.5 mm upwards (Ø 0.02 in upwards)
  • Fiber Count: max. 144 (250μm), Max. 192 (200μm)
  • Capacity: 12.000 km per year (39.4t kft per year)
  • Metallic Tube: Inert gas protection, Pressure tight weld
  • Filling Compound: Up to 200°C (Up to 392°F)
  • Plastic Layers: High variation, Tiny tolerances
  • Markings & Labelings: dif. Standards, Tube labelling
  • Other Components: AWG wires, Sensor Fibers
  • Technical Support: Fast Service, Product dev. On demand

FIMT Cable types:

Single layer optical core
Single Layer FIMT
Perforated FIMT
Rectangular FIMT
Multi layer optical core
polymer layered FIMT
Multi layered FIMT
Basalt Combined FIMT
Thick Wall Aluminum Layered FIMT Thin Wall Aluminum Layered FIMT Triple Stranded Tube
Reinforced Optical Core
Stranded Single Layer FIMT Stranded Double Layer FIMT Universal Cable
Harsh Environment Cable Self-supporting Downhole Cable  
Special Sensing Core
Trisens Core Trisens Cable SonoSens

FIMT Applications:


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