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Trisens Distribution Head

The Trisens product consists of three Individual fibers which are in close contact with the stainless steel tube. In order to connect these sensing fibers, a distribution head is required to make a safe and well-protected transition from the tube to the connectors. This fiber distribution head is designed to protect the splices and avoid kinks during operation. The middle of the distribution head is designed to carry three standard 40 mm splice protection tubes.


Tube Cutter


This Tube Cutter Is especially designed for exposing the fragile and sensitive optical fibers in a stainless-steel tube with an outer diameter from 1.00mm (0.039″) up to 4.50mm (0.177″). The advantage of this cutting method Is not only to crack the fiber in metal tube (FIMT) for exposing the fibers, else it induces a protective edge to the metal tube in order to protect the optical fibers against the sharp cutting edge and avoid a potential fiber break during normal operational handling procedures.


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