NetFPGA-10G FPGA Card Image

NetFPGA-10G is a four-port network interface card accelerated with FPGA chip supporting 10G Ethernet technology. The card has been developed by NetFPGA community at Stanford University. The card is connected to host computer via PCI Express bus, which enables high-speed data transfers between the card and host computer. It is typically used in applications for network traffic monitoring, processing and generating as well as hardware acceleration of high-performance computations and time-critical operations.


  • Virtex-5 FPGA chip manufactured by Xilinx company
  • 4× SFP+ cage multi/single mode, CWDM or copper
  • PCI Express 1.1 x8 or 2.0 x4, throughput up to 16Gb/s to software
  • 3× 72Mbits QDRII SRAM memory
  • 4× 576Mbits RLDRAM II memory
  • Programmable interfaces for custom modules connection
  • DB9 (RS232) connector for external signaling