Perimeter Security Monitoring

Perimeter Security Monitoring Image
  • Custom fiber optic solutions for perimeter intrusion detection systems (PIDS).
  • Solutions for any length perimeter
  • Future proof technology which fits your requirements
  • One Software platform
  • The highest possible security for your perimeter.
  • Protection for Critical infrastructures.
  • Perform in challenging and harsh environments.



PIDS Applications

  • Fence/Wall Monitoring
    • Installation in fences or walls is simple.
    • Our system can integrate with existing security systems.



  • Ground Monitoring
    • For different terrains: soil, sand, and gravel.





1.Zone Based Monitoring (PERIGUARD)

  • Zone-based (up to 500m perimeter length/zone) and 16 zones/unit
  • Total perimeter length up to 8 km/unit (depending on fence type)
  • Cost-effective zone-based solution
  • Fence mounted and buried sensors (carpet)
  • Ground: sensitive only directly on top of the carpet

2.Quasi Distributed Monitoring (FBGUARD 1550)

  • Pinpoint – Quasi-distributed monitoring (+- 5m local resolution)
  • Perimeter length max. 1,6km / unit Cost-effective up to 7 km trip (depending on fence type)
  • Well established platform used for 100+ Fiber optic sensing projects since 2010
  • Fence mounted sensor system
  • Additional monitoring of utility holes/gates with the same system
  • Different sensitivity and data analysis for each section

3.Distributed Monitoring (FIBER GUARD)

  • Pinpoint – Distributed monitoring (+- 5m local resolution)
  • Two versions up to 20km or 50 km length, and therefore a cost-effective solution compared to DAS systems
  • Fence/wall-mounted preferred
  • Different sensitivity levels adjusting to environmental conditions of each section (HW & SW)
  • Full sensitivity and bandwidth throughout the entire fiber length
  • Globally established and a trusted solution since 2011


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