Voice Gateway over IP

Voice Gateway over IP Image

VGoIP – Voice Gateway over IP – is an IP gateway solution designed to ensure easy, secure and seamless interconnection between your IP network and legacy communications devices. VGoIP offers a wide range of interfacing capabilities and comprehensive functionalities, allowing for efficient and cost-effective management of your infrastructure.

 VGoIP has been designed following the most stringent quality requirements for software development. Compliant with EUROCAE ED-153 guidelines (SWAL3), VGoIP meets very high safety levels in terms of reliability and availability (above 99, 999%). 

In order to accommodate the needs of the largest range of communications centers whether operations are carried out within Air Traffic Control (civil, military) industry or critical environments (such as Maritime, Energy or Public Safety...), a large number of interfaces are supported by the VGoIP product.

Main Features

  • IP - analogic gateway 
  • Interfaces / ports 
  • 3x Ethernet 
  • 4x Analog 
  • 1x E1 
  • 3x Serial ports 
  • Smart web administration 
  • SNMP supervision 
  • ED-137 compliant 
  • ED-153 compliant 
  • Very Fast data transfer 
  • Highly secure and reliable 
  • Cryptography support
  • Audio codec:  G.711 A law, G.711 μ law, G.729 & G.728


  • Design for the ATC market 
  • Maritime 
  • Energy Industries 
  • Public Safety

for more technical details about this product, please contact to us at comint@comintindia.com