Voice Recorder over IP

Voice Recorder over IP  Image

 VRoIP, Voice Recorder over IP, an IP-based state-of-the-art ATC recording and replay solution in line with EUROCAE ED-137B standard. VRoIP guarantees reliability, integrity and availability of all recorded voice streams and events for civil and military ATC operations. In addition to recording audio communication streams generated by telephone, radio and intercom activities, VRoIP system also captures comprehensive datasets tied to the audio files (frequency, caller ID, role...). This advantage brought together with high-level processing performances offers ATC operators and investigators the possibilities to accurately recreate the full operational configuration of a given event.

Main Features

  • Centralized 24/7 recording 
  • Local & remote playback 
  • Powerful search engine 
  • Live recording visualisation 
  • ED-137/4B interfaces 
  • Scalable up to 800 channels depending on server performances 
  • Easy & secured data export 
  • Linux-based software solution 
  • ATIS graphical interface 
  • Full SNMP supervision 
  • Built-in reporting/statistics tool
  • Time references  NTP, IRIG-B, GPS
  • Audio Codecs supported  ITU G.711, G.728, G.729


  • ANSPs 
  • Air Forces 
  • Public Services 
  • Forensics 

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